Academic Information

Academic Session

The Academic Session of the odd semesters commences from 1st week of July, while the classes of the even semesters commences from the 1st week of January of every calendar year.
Higher Secondary session for First year commences from first week of July and Second year from first week of May (subjected to the rules/notifications of AHSEC).


  1. There shall be continuous evaluation of the students through In-Semester Assessment and End-Semester Examinations.
  2. College follows the marking pattern as directed by Dibrugarh University.
  3. Each Paper shall consist of 100 marks of which 20 marks is allotted for internal assessment, and the remaining 80 marks is allotted for End-Semester Examination to be conducted by Dibrugarh University.

Classes Timing

Each class shall be of 1 hour duration with a maximum of 6 periods a day. The class timings shall be from 9.00 AM to 3.40 PM with 40 Minutes Refreshment/ Tiffin break.


  1. If a student does not attend at least 80% of the total classes held in any subject including elective/optional subject he/she shall be declared as ineligible and shall not be allowed to appear in the End-Semester Examination in the said course. Under special circumstances (e.g. NCC, Medical Ground, Sports etc.) a relaxation of 5% attendance may be allowed.
  2. The name of the students who fail to attend classes for 15 days at a stretch from the date of commencement of classes without valid reasons shall be struck off from the Register.